Friday, January 19, 2024

Hop on, Hop off

 Or in my case, drag on, drag off.  We had a good overall view of Santiago from the top of the double  decker  bus, stopped to see some stuff, rode a tram up a hill, rode a funicular down the hill, had a disappointing lunch because we went the wrong way.  Like any city with six million people, there is good and not quite so good.  We haven't been very far, but most of what we have seen is clean and beautiful, many nice parks, and very little graffiti.  

Here is some of the day for your viewing pleasure, in no particular order.

Teri with anothe Saint Therese.

Which Alberto is the saint?  

Al likes the wire system in this neighborhood.  

                                                                  Double eeeeeewwww!

Look!  It's the Sales Force Tower. 

Al enjoyed his dinner, the rest of us weren't as excited so there are no food photos.  

ps  Do you know that funiculi is to ride up and funicula is to ride down on the funicular?  Sing a few bars of the song now and get it stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  You are very welcome.

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