Sunday, January 21, 2024


 After a lot of negotiating and confusion, a driver took us to Atillio & Mochi winery near Valparaiso - not where we planned to visit but all the grapes aligned for us to meet the owners and have a private tasting, even though they were closed for the day.  Delightful people who used to own a restaurant in Brazil but had enough of that so bought 5.5 acres and grow a few grapes.  They do most of the work themselves, only make a few wines, and love it.  She speaks perfect English and her grandmother was a Gallo.  What a small world.  They winery is build of shipping containers that maintain the perfect temp year round.  Look - 

And they grow lavender - I wanted to start weaving wands.  

Dinner at a fancy but not expensive place - - -

Al enjoyed the lamb very much. 

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