Monday, January 15, 2024

Not much to tell yet

 Well, at least we're at an airport.  Finally.  Sunday night red-eye from Seattle to Miami.  27 degrees to 79 degrees, but we didn't go out to enjoy it, instead spent time in a nearby hotel to nap and shower.   Yes, we checked in to a hotel in the daytime and left a few hours later.   At least we had luggage.

Now it's Monday evening and we're waiting for the red-eye to Santiago.  We were hoping to enjoy the Admiral's lounge (one-day pass purchased with miles - why would we ever spend That Kind of Money to join such a thing?) but because of so many cancellations all over the country, both lounges are "at capacity."  They pretty much said "sorry, now just run along."  The line at the Rebook Center is out the door, down the hall, and around the corner.  That's just for American.  So we are hanging with a gigantic multitude of other travelers, being greatly amused by the variety of travelers  and entertaining ourselves as only we can.  Al is studying Spanish and math, I'll be knitting as soon as I sign off here.  

Maybe there will be more interesting news in another day or two.   See ya.  

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