Wednesday, January 17, 2024


American Airlines gets praise for a great flight in upgraded Premium or whatever they call it - kind of like Business class used to be.  We had two seats at the bulkhead of a Dreamliner (Boeing made up for that other mess), pillow, blanket, all the amenities necessary on a long International flight.  I slept through dinner but Al says it was very good, hardly like airline food.  We both slept pretty well, arrived at the Marriott for another nap and shower, then explored a couple of gigantic shopping malls.  One of our cheap crappy suitcases has a broken zipper and a broken handle, but we didn't yet find a replacement.    Maybe that roll of duct tape will be the answer.  Most of the malls are just like being anywhere with all the brand names we recognize, including Starbucks.  One big section of restaurants, also many names we find all over the beloved U S of A, but we wanted local, so we walked in circles for a while to find a restaurant recommended by the very helpful people at the Marriott and it was worth it.  

La Dicha

We just told the waiter to bring us good Chilean food and he done good.

Abalone and avocado app.

Short ribe for Al, Grouper for me - both fabulous.  But here comes the chocolate explosion - 

Teri and Willie have arrived to join in the fun but nobody knows what that will be yet.  Stay tuned. 

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