Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Look what he did!

We had quite a day of accomplishments -
  Starting with The Great Salt Lake, which is the second saltiest (15 - 25%) body of water on Earth (Dead Sea, in case you forgot 4th grade education), and is 72 miles long and as wide as 30 miles but only 10-28 feet deep.  There are a lot geographical and historical statistics about how it got this way but you'll have to look them up for yourself.

 We went to a little sports bar where he got a chubby.  Really.  Shall I explain?  The Chubby Spicy Guac Burger is served between two grilled cheese sandwiches.  
 See?   Yes, a mouth does open that wide.  And he ate the whole thing.  The whole thing.  

While on the Big Alventure we were lucky enough to see "Peter and the Starcatcher" on Broadway, but those two beers with lunch caused major sleeping through the entire first act of the matinee.  Deep heavy sleep.  But he enjoyed the second act.  A year later we happened to be in San Francisco when it was playing, so determined as I am, we went.  Guess what?  A perfect repeat performance.  By the actors and by Al.   Kind of costly napping. Well, during planning of this trip I was thrilled to discover that it's at a local theater, so let's try it again.  The afternoon nap and large Coke with that ginormous burger worked!  Both eyes were wide open and we both loved everything about the production.  See it if you can.  

Which route should we take next? 

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