Friday, May 13, 2016

Capital entertainment.

 Wednesday we visited the Hill Air Force Base Museum, which is very interesting 
with all that military airplane stuff.

Remember when computers didn't fit in our pockets? 

Thursday was all about downtown Salt Lake City, starting with the noon organ recital at the Mormon Tabernacle.  How 'bout them pipes?  11,623 of them, played on a five-manual console (that means five keyboards, a jillion stops and adjustment thingies, and a full set of foot pedals).  Amazing!

Then we toured the Capitol, another work of art that make these United States all worth visiting.

After a museum visit we went back to the Tabernacle for the choir rehearsal, which is open to the ordinary public, the likes of you and me.   Four hundred people sure can make a lot of music, especially when accompanied by a full orchestra.  Why didn't we all get that talent?
Well?  Why?

Friday was all about driving.  We left SLC (airline talk - look it up) at 6:40 am and arrived in ABQ at 6:40 pm.  It was a long day but everything went just fine, thank you.  

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