Monday, May 9, 2016

Driving Miss Crazy

Saturday friends from California were visiting and we wandered up to Hurricane Ridge for the gorgeous view of the Olympic Mountains. 

Sunday morning we hopped into Homer and began a Road Trip.  As you can see, sometimes the biggest challenge is finding just the right parking space near the chosen restaurant.  

Now it's Monday late afternoon and this is what we've done in the 34 hours since we left our driveway: 997.2 miles, several pee-and-stretch stops, 2 lunches, one dinner, numerous travel snacks, 16 hours and 14 minutes of driving, one little nap (You get three guesses, but two should be enough), one very happy stop at the Pendleton Woolen Mills fabric shop, one overnight stop in Baker City, Oregon, this many stitches on a baby blanket,

 lots of "are we there yet?" and one arrival in Salt Lake City, where we'll stay for a few days.  All this  in spite of Mr. Keep-To-The-Schedule's disappointment that we missed the target 7:00 am departure by 22 minutes on Sunday and 34 minutes on Monday.  Check back once in a while for updates.

1 comment:

  1. Am enjoying your travels kids! Keep it up and for goodness sake Pat, stick to the departure times!!!