Friday, September 27, 2013

Raise High The Roofbeams


Pa loaded up his truck with just a little bit of the accumulated yard waste and took it to
the compost place.  He said it was fun.  Hmm.

One of the other piles might disappear if we leave it long enough.

Wednesday was clear enough to see Victoria and a small local cruise ship from our front porch.

This is how the living room ceiling looked this morning before I went to town with my errand list.
I'm standing at the edge of the kitchen.

This is how it looked when I returned.  Now it follows the line of the roof and makes the room feel much bigger.  Do you like any of the paint choices?  I'm very undecided so just keep buying more of the little sample jars.  I might have enough to do the entire room in quilt-like patches.  Would any of the decorating magazines want to feature my creativity?

Too bad my photography skills aren't as good as Peter's carpentry skills.   
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