Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Never leave a man alone with a reciprocating saw

How different this is from the suit and tie Full Petri look we used to know.

There goes the ceiling.

This morning we made our first trip to the big dump.  They were very kind to us and we were glad to get rid of 640 pounds of wallboard.

This is the insulation that came out of the ceiling.  Obviously, the carpet was pulled out and rolled up before this project began.  The camera and I stay safely behind the plastic curtain, but the little dust is everywhere.  Everywhere.  Did you get any of it there?

So the ceiling will be opened up to the roof (with proper finishing and new insulation, of course) because Al has visions of a mini vault.  That's really all we need, a mini vault.  

It's kind of clear over the water today.  At the bottom is the neighbor's roof, then that little strip of land is the Dungeness Spit, which, at 5 miles, is the largest natural sand hook in the nation.
On the other side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca is Canada.
I'm pretty sure some of the dust settled there.  
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