Thursday, September 12, 2013

Caution - Men Working

Yesterday we went to Seattle - to drop Homer off at the shop to repair the Alaska ferry damage,
and to drop Gary and Helen at the airport.  The big airport.
  Mount Rainier was in a showy and proud Look At Me mood.

You might have known that food would be involved when we met Bob and Laurel at Bahama Breeze for Happy Hour.  But of course every hour with them is happy. 

Not white but worthy of a castle.

We could have driven the long way around but chose to enjoy sunset from the deck of a ferry. 

This morning Al decided to attack the trees on the right side of our acre. 

This is how it looked before.

Peter brought his own toys to get in on the fun.

Doesn't this look like a Darwin Award just waiting to happen?

Such skill involved that they managed to avoid hitting the house and aimed the tree to perfectly straddle the flag pole.  Makes you want to hire these guys, doesn't it?    They are very expensive.

Now we'll have a better view of the sunset, even though right now it's a better view of the fog hanging over the Straits of Juan de Fuca.  The remaining trees will have room to grow big and strong, but it's going to be several days of cutting all those branches and trees into manageable sections.
  Gee, too bad that I have so much work to do indoors.  Shucks.    
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