Thursday, September 19, 2013

Beware a Man with a Crowbar

This is how our fireplace looked this morning.  The blue blob is the pellet stove insert, which we like, but Mr. Fixit decided that the bricks aren't quite what he has in mind.  I think it was all just an excuse to use another power tool.  Last night he reserved some chisel thing that was going to make it easy to finish the job of stripping off the bricks in less than a day. 

Before going to town to pick up that tool, he decided to give is a whack with the crowbar.
Turns out that the bricks were pretty easy to loosen and then just lifted right out. 

Where is Arnold when you need him?

Not bad for 70, huh.  Do you vision the same brick pizza oven that has been spinning in his head for a few years?  Now he has the bricks to recycle and a place to build it. 

The pellet stove does come out after all.

Lovely, isn't it?

Two guys and two hours later.
  So now we face another dilemma on how to refinish it.
  I hate that part.  Maybe the HGTV rescue squad will come screeching around the corner, lights flashing, sirens blaring, rush to the door with plans in hand, and save us from the dreaded
research and decision process.

Maybe chocolate will relieve the pressure.
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