Monday, August 5, 2013


It was another driving day, from Fort Nelson to Dawson Creek, BC.  Not as many dramatic mountain formations, but still beautiful, especially if you like green.  This is the Peace River Bridge, with yellow canola fields in the distance.  Right after I snapped this, the tire sensor began shouting BEEP!  BEEP! BEEP!, frantically flashing red and STOP!  STOP!  STOP!  Not a good sign.

Now we know why.

We still can't figure out what would cause this but we were lucky enough to be right be a large turn-off when it happened.   

Once again, Al to the rescue!  Why do we pay for roadside assistance when he always does this himself?  I know, for the big things that we hope never happen.  Now we're in Dawson Creek and he has gone off to the Goodyear tire guy.  I'll keep you posted.
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