Thursday, August 8, 2013

More Beauty

Wednesday morning we left Dawson Creek early and this is what we saw for many miles.  It was a pretty but kind of boring drive, with towns few and far between.  One spot was about 100 miles with nothing.  Really.  Nothing, just a couple of turn-outs but not scenic, kind of just a wide shoulder in the forest.  The scenery changed to farm country, lots of Alberta farm country. 

Now we're in Jasper National Park.  Can you see how the earth heaved itself up and twisted around so the striations go in different directions?  Ain't that somethin'?

See what I mean?  This is just by the side of the road, where we also saw a herd of caribou, seeming to be eating gravel, but there must be something we don't know.  Sorry but the pictures are all blurry, which is what happens when the driver doesn't slow down enough to give the photographer a clear shot.  Now we're settled in an RV hook-up space (electric only, but Al figured out how to fix the water pump and we have a full tank of aqua) smack in the middle of the park and are fixin' to go exploring the Canadian Rockies. 
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