Saturday, August 31, 2013


It's coming together, but will still be a while before we feel like we belong here.  One very important thing happened - cable, phone and internet, with lightening fast speed.  Life is good.  Now I can click "add to cart,"  and wait by the mailbox for packages to arrive. 

New chairs for the office/den.  Some assembly required.

Washer and dryer from those nice people at Sears.  They pulled up my account and they asked if I lived on Union Street or Lombard Street.  It kind of made me homesick, but also happy at the same time to clear out the old and start with the new. 

Which is the hot?
This was last night, just before he discovered that the cold water hook-up faucet was leaking.  At 8:59.  Home Depot closes at 9:00.  Today he was able to practice his plumbing skills and
tomorrow I can do laundry!  Not in a laundromat.
 Who knew something so mundane would make a woman so pleased?

Not a perfect picture (still using the old camera) but pretty good seafood platter.

Dig for the clams.

Dawn and Peter were very influential in our move to Sequim so it's only appropriate
that they were our first dinner dates. 

Lemon bar was yummy.

Can you see Al's spoon impatiently waiting to dig into the berry parfait?  
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