Saturday, August 24, 2013

North Idaho

Today we are in Couer d'Alene and went to another fair.
Did your Granny have one of these?
  Would she love to see a current Maytag with all the fancy cycles? 

Then we went to the horses log dance.  Neither of us have ever seen this before and don't know exactly what it's called, but these beautiful teams of horses pull two logs in and out between the orange cones, always staying between the rope borders.  They have to make really tight turns and it's a deduction if they hit a cone.  Winning is based on speed and accuracy.  It was fun.
From the stands.  With popcorn.

Then came the pulling contest.  The sled is loaded with ever-increasing weight and the teams pull it for 15 feet.  When all others have given up, the winner is the team still standing.  Today the final weight was 7500 pounds, more than double the combined weight of the horses! 

In real life these beauties are used for farming and logging and you can see how powerful they can be.

Butter or sour cream?

Do you see Porterhouse or T-Bone?

Self explanatory.

Downtown Couer d'Alene is very pretty.  Clean and friendly, lots of hanging baskets of petunias, sculptures on nearly every corner,  and this humongous boardwalk.
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