Monday, August 27, 2012


Here we are in Stavanger, Norway, in one of the fjords, which are gorgeous!  Lots of green and hills/mountains, beautiful country.  The people are very friendly and seem to all speak English, which is very helpful to those of us who are only educated in one language.  Europeans all seem to have 3 or more going on at the same time.  Makes me feel like of stupid, but I'm sort of used to that.
Yesterday was Oslo, which is filled with history, but everything here is.  We just walked by a church that was built in 1125, but they wanted a bunch of krona to look inside, so you know what we did.  Now we're in a wi-fi cafe (they want a million dollars an hour on the ship to use the incredibly slow wi-fi which keeps losing the connection) and are going to see an oil museum.  Can you feel the excitement?
I'll be back when I can get online again.  

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  1. Hey there! Sounds gorgeous and I wish we could see pictures! I guess we'll have to wait until you get here. We can do a city a day. : ) Lots of love and have a great time!