Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Real Smart

Yesterday we were running lots of errands in preparation for the Big Trip, but managed to find time to stop by Yale, which was was granted a charter in 1701 and the buildings are very impressive.
  Makes a fella feel kind of smart just to be gazing at them.

Tomorrow we will be putting Homer and the truck in storage in New Haven, going to New York to meet Julie (Al's sister) and Robert, and on Friday sailing on the Queen Mary 2 for England.  Julie and Robert will return to Lake Charles, but Al and I will go to Dublin and begin gallivanting around Europe.  I know there won't be internet connection while in the middle of the Atlantic (unless we want to pay a million dollars a minute), and don't know just what wi-fi will be as we traipse around Europe.  I'll try to post when I can, but don't expect much of me, okay? We'll be returning to NYC on October 1, full of colorful stories.     
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  1. We'll miss you guys! Have a blast (like you needed me to tell you that!)