Sunday, September 2, 2012

Copenhagen again

Well, that was fun!  If only we had known that the Royal Caribbean Brillance was going to the Baltics, then cruising across the pond to Portland, ME, where it will do the Canada routine.  Wouldn't that have been nice to just stay with them?  But we would have missed Poland, which is coming our way (well, Poland will stay where it is, we'll go there) on Tuesday.  In Bergen we wandered into the Cathedral just in time for an organ recital.  Five of Norway's kings have been crowned there, but none of them seemed to be interested in the huge pipes on Thursday.  The Fishmarket was fascinating, with dozens of varieties of fish, including whale meat.  Uncooked it kind of looked like beef liver, but cooked it was more like steak.  Very tender and flavorful.  Not allowed in America, of course.

 We've been to the Carlsburg Brewery museum, spent a few hours in the National Museum (I was smart enough to take my Kindle - how much old stuff does a fella need to read about?), walked and walked, but also ate and ate.  We were looking for the St. Petri church when we happened upon the First St. Petri Hotel, where a gaggle of people were standing around.  I said that maybe it's Lady Gaga, who is in town for part of her world tour.  Sure enough.  So Al thought we should wait with the fans who didn't buy tickets, but wanted to see her for three seconds while she dashed to her limo, but after 20 minutes I whined for ice cream and we moved on the the church.  I still didn't get the ice cream.  Tomorrow is another day.

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