Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Berlin

Did you know that the first mention of Berlin on paper was 775 years ago?  They are celebrating the birthday, but this city seems to be one that takes pretty much everything as it comes, including wars and walls.  It's quite impressive to see the pieces of the wall that are still standing, but unimaginagle to think what it must have been like to be divided from friends and family for 28 years.  We have seen so very much history that I can't even begin to tell you about it, but it is a city of contrasts.  Buildings that have been around for a few hundred years and were fortunate to survive bombings right next to brand new buildings that are part of the reunification reconstruction.  We saw the church where J S Bach was the organist.  Cool.

Yesterday Al fearlessly rented a car and we ventured to Dresden to see Fred.  Remember him?  The legendary host at Alfred's for so many years on Broadway?  It was a marvelous day, nice to see him in his own German world, and to get a glimpse of Dresden, which also has endless history.  Now we're going to the German Historical Museum.  I hope there is an ice cream shop nearby.

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