Monday, August 13, 2012

She Wheels Her Wheelbarrow

Dublin is wonderful!  There is so much history, not just about St. Patrick and the snakes.  And the literary culture is endless, not just James Joyce.  My favorite, Oscar Wilde, was born here, and George Bernard Shaw gave us Eliza Doolittle.  The list of influential writers born in Dublin is too long to type, but it's quite impressive.  Saturday night we saw a production of Sean O'Casey's play "The Plough and The Stars."  Today we bought the book because some of the authentic Irish dialogue flew right past us.

I'm sorry I can't post a photo of the fictional Molly Malone statue, which they say is the most photographed statue in Dublin.  She is portrayed as a rather buxom fishmonger so it's natural that the women of town would spread the rumor that she was a bit of a good time girl.  She is referred to as The Dolly with the Trolley, the Trollop with the Scallop, the Dish with the Fish, the Tart with the Cart, the Flirt with the Skirt, and that she was known to sell a bit.

Today we visited the Guinness brewery and learned all about how they roast the barley to make the special dark porter.  It was informative and ended happily with a view of Dublin from the top of the building and a pint for each of us.  Why can't I find a chocolate factory?

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  1. Guinness and dark chocolate would be a nice pair indeed! Lucky girl traveling around the world. So happy for you 2!