Saturday, July 29, 2017

I dig it, Baby

Al is trying to find the water line that goes from near the garage to the road, so he can add water to Rhode Island (those aggressively-pruned things are indeed rhododendrons), but the only way is to dig a ditch until he hits the pipe.  I suggested renting a small backhoe, but you can imagine what response I got.  So away he goes. 

He's getting pretty good at it.  Call if you need his services. 

Lily and I worked on a project involving Sharpies, 91% isopropyl alcohol and ceramic tiles. 

You know you want to try it.  Just search for "Sharpie art ceramic tiles" and find out how fascinating it is.  We both want to do more because we learned a lot from our first attempt.  

The first harvest.  Very tender and tasty.  Almost didn't need butter.  Almost. 

 This is all one ancient lavender plant.  The thing just keeps going, even though they say to replace them every 15 or so years.

Its backside is so wonderfully gnarly.  

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