Saturday, July 8, 2017


 On the west side of our house.

 On the east side of our house.

Checking for leaks at the headwaters of the Stone Stream.  You know that Petri means rock or stone, (think petrified wood) so this might be what he has been waiting for his entire life.

 That was a lot of digging and rock hauling for an old fella.

It's gonna take a huge rainstorm or a million gallons of water to get any whitewater rafting.
Good thing we don't have a lot of mosquitoes here in Paradise.

 Lavender in the neighborhood.  Our new plants aren't this big and won't be for years.  But here in the Lavender Capital of North America  everybody has it, partly because it doesn't require much attention and the deer turn up their noses as they stroll past it, looking for tastier morsels.

.  If you're ever looking for a gorgeous B & B, Sea Cliff Gardens is the place.  Bill and Laura will take good care of you and this cute little frog will greet you in the rose bushes.

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