Friday, July 1, 2016

Toronto part 2

 This is such a crazy city.  Sunday afternoon, not during rush hour, but Sunday afternoon with 16 lanes of traffic.  And construction everywhere.  Maybe because the season is so short so they have to work hard and fast before the snow arrives.  There is also endless construction around the city, building more and more offices, apartments, condos, who knows what.  

 Monday we went to Vineland Estates for lunch.  Turns out that Canada now has their own wine country and it has grown rapidly in the last few years.
 Gorgeous and delicious food, vineyards and Lake Ontario from the patio.  

 And Karen, the best treat of all.

Too bad we didn't arrive this way.

One day was spent at the ROM - Royal Ontario Museum.  Al went off to read more about the First People while I saw a brand new Dale Chihuly exhibit.  He just keeps making more stunning creations.  There are a hundred more pictures but you won't be forced to look at all of them.

I was really close to buying this bowl set because the Canadian dollar is so good now but my poor math brain couldn't convert $8500 to USD so I passed.  Darn.

After lunch Al went off to learn about some more ancient stuff while I enjoyed the gem and mineral exhibit.  This is something called Wulfenite.   There were hundreds of other things but this one fascinated me most.  What does a fella do with this? 

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