Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Home again, home again

 Eleven weeks, thirty-one states, five provinces, twenty-eight RV parks, two flights, one hotel, and 13,601 miles in Tom Dually, (10,060 miles towing Homer) we have returned home.  
To a jungle, including this lavender - it's all one plant!  It's now 25 years old and from the back is all woody and gnarly, but certainly impressive from the front.  Lavender all over town is gorgeous right now, with all the real horticulturists who trim it into the pretty round shape.  
 You do know that Sequim is the self-proclaimed Lavender Capital of North America.
 The clematis arbor might be a little out of control.

 Same with the hardy kiwi.

 And Al's garden will take some work.

 Remember the blue star creeper I so painstakingly planted two years ago?  Except for all the dandelions that found their nasty way in there, it did quite well without any attention.

The hydrangeas didn't seem to miss us at all.
Isn't it curious that they grow about 25 feet away but have such different colors?
Welcome to garden chemistry.  

It's been a grand Alventure, but is nice to be home.  Meet me in the garden. 

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