Monday, July 18, 2016

Cowboy Country

 Wyoming has a total population of 584,000 people.  Is your city bigger than that?
The average rainfall is less than 15 inches.
  A few minutes ago we got about 16 drops,  but enough to make this.  
Chicago has cows, San Francisco has hearts,   Lake Charles has gaters, and
 Cheyenne has cowboy boots.  

 The Capitol Building is under a three-year renovation project so we couldn't tour it, but did learn that the entire dome is covered with one ounce of gold.  Here is a picture of two domes.

This is from a museum display about the state fair.  Let's go.

Tidbits of information from the museum.  

Our next three days are just driving so don't be looking for much news. 
 Unless you care how often we stop to stretch and pee.   

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