Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On the Way

We sadly said good-bye to Yellowstone, spent one very long day driving as far as Clarkston, and now are in Ellensburg, WA.  Tomorrow we'll drop Homer at the repair shop so the broken window can be dealt with.  We're busily loading up what we need to take home and what can just stay in Homer for the
 two weeks (so they say) it's in the shop.
  I'll be back with pictures when we get home and have time to sort through them.  

 Our campsite at the Fishing Bridge RV park in the park. 
 Nothing as lovely as a pile of dirty snow right outside the door.  

Here is my new favorite business. 

What?  I didn't tell you about the broken window?  The Saturday before we left on this little vacation something went terribly wrong, probably  a renegade rogue rock from the lawn mower.  The dining room window had a teeny hole and a jillion pieces of glass hanging precariously in place.  Ever resourceful, Al took his favorite spatula to it, removed all the shards, taped around the edges and we set off.  In order to replace the double pane thing, they have to remove the entire window, send it off somewhere to have the new one fabricated and glued in place.  At least one window will be clean when we pick it up.  

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