Monday, May 26, 2014

Home is good

Adventures are always fun, but isn't it nice to be home?  My only disappointment is that nobody cleaned the house or tended the gardens and pulled the weeds while we were gone.  Our neighbors kindly mowed the grass, so that was a delightful surprise.  Look what we returned to. 

There is a marvelous bed filled with peonies that were gigantic buds the day we left.  Apparently we missed the peak of the blooms but  it was another pleasant surprise the former owners left for us.   
 We also missed the glory of the rhodies, but the mangy deer seems to enjoy them.  

Al's pavers.  After hours of painstakingly planting little creepers in each hole we returned to weeds trying to take over. A few more hours on my knees and/or sitting on my fat butt and listening to show tunes as I plucked the offenders have put us back on track.  I'll be watching very carefully and nab those devils before they can form roots.  I'm hoping that once the blue star creeper grows the way it's supposed to, the weeds will find another place to land.   Please?

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