Friday, May 2, 2014

It has been brought to my attention -

Well, I've been told that you saw so much of the project construction,
 but not enough of the completed product, so here are a couple results. 
 This is the dining room/kitchen side of what used to be the big brick fireplace. 
 Here is the living room side, with the granite we were lucky enough to find in the leftover pile. 
 There will be a mantle someday but we haven't happened upon just the right thing yet.  
Sometimes the search is half the fun.  
 Digger found an edging tool at the second-hand shop for $2 and seems to think it's fun.  

Remember those thousands of  cheerful yellow dandelions last week?
  Lawn mowers all over the neighborhood seem to be going night and day this time of the year,
trying to keep ahead of them.  Not so pretty now, are they?

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  1. It certainly has been fun watching this house morph into a beautiful estate. Danna