Friday, May 9, 2014

A Little Alventure

 We said goodbye to Al's bucket garden and set off on a little vacation.
First stop was Pendleton, OR, which is mostly about cowboys and cowboy boots, but they also still have the famous woolen mill.  We were too late for one tour and too early for another, but did get to peek in the windows to see where they spin the yarn and weave the fabric.  From sheep to shirt very quickly.
 This seems to be a very creative way to tell us that the sidewalk is broken and we don't want to fix it. 
My new motto. 
 On to Boise, where we once again happened upon an afternoon organ recital.  This time the organist explained all about how a pipe organ works, which was very interesting. 
 Amazing what some hollow tubes and air can do.
 Yes, Albertson's was begun in Boise.  
 Nothing but cute.
Boise is the captial so we couldn't resist the capitol.  Nice dome.

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