Sunday, October 6, 2013

Twenty-seven years!

Friday night we put on clean jeans and went out to celebrate our anniversary.
Who said it wouldn't last?  Well, who?  Come on, now's the time to confess.
Alderwood Bistro in Sequim was lucky enough to have the pleasure of our company. 
We were lucky enough to have this beautiful borscht,

a simple salad,

meat loaf and buttermilk mashers,

clams with garbanzo. Al's favorite bean - which proves he's an interesting guy.
  How many people have a favorite bean?

The chocolate cake looked so good that I just had to have a bite before I could pick up the camera.
Those are rose petals making it look all dolled up and ready for the Homecoming dance.

Now we're back to reality.  Yesterday the crazy guy hauled two big truck loads of yard waste to the compost guy.  Our beautiful Tom Dually is now a working truck.  How quickly things change.
See how fast that hammer moves on what will once again be the fireplace.
It's fun to watch a left-handed guy with tools.

How he loves his power tools. It seems like this project is taking a very long time.
Well, it is, but we wait until each carpenter, electrician or tile guy has time for us between other jobs.
Don't you think the plastic wall is a lovely accent?
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