Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Almost gone

The housesitters have arrived, the flight to San Francisco was pleasant, we're getting our city errands and restaurant projects done, and will be off to China soon.  The decision has been made to leave the laptop and tablet at home so posts here will be sparse, if at all.  We don't know if or when wi-fi will be available so are just going to concentrate on having fun and exploring China.  Think of how much I'll have to tell when we return.  Be working on your patience skills while we're gone. Have chocolate to tide you over, go out and rake the leaves, watch a good movie, clean the basement, paint the dining room, polish the silver, write the great American novel, take a road trip, bake Halloween cookies, build a coffe table, wax the car, run a marathon,  learn to speak Italian, knit a sweater, donate blood, whatever it takes to distract yourself.  See you in November.

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