Saturday, October 12, 2013

Comin' Along

Al got all the insulation up in the living room.  Do you love the look of the pellet stove in the dining room? Too bad it doesn't provide any heat because it's chilly in here.  The furnace has been disconnected during the project, so we're lucky that we have our love to keep us warm. 

Now the drywall/sheetrock/whatever it's called is going up with the aid of this very clever lift thing.  Wish I had been the guy who invented that.

Here's my favorite part.  They covered  the can lights and then cut out the circle.  How do it know?

So now we have a finished ceiling, higher than it was before.  Well on the left side.
The right side is actually a little bit lower.  

The fireplace is completely different without that big stoney brick that was on it.  The decision hasn't yet been made of how to finish it but we'll be putting everything on hold when we leave on Tuesday.

Did I tell you we're going to China?  We planned this trip a year ago, so away we go.  We'll spend a couple days in San Francisco, two days in Tokyo (the only way we could get a flight using the elusive miles - they encourage us to accrue miles but don't seem to want us to use them.) then will be with a group of pals for about sixteen days in China, a few more days in San Francisco, then back to Sequim.  I'll keep you posted along the way whenever I can.   

Breakfast for dinner.  My favorite. 
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