Saturday, September 22, 2012

Words fail me

It's impossible to convey the excitement of this day.  We left the hotel with the plan to go to either the city museum or the national museum but instead got on a train and ventured to the edge of the city and Bauhaus, the local DIY warehouse.  Can you imagine the thrill of it?  Almost 2 hours of learning about their plumbing and paint, carpentry and commodes, lumber and lighting, doors and drawers, sinks and showers.  Across the street was another big mall with - are you ready - a gigantic market.  Another hour of looking at Czech groceries.  My patience was rewarded with cheesecake and new red sneakers.  Do you think somebody is waiting to do a reality TV show of our travels?

Check out these fascintaing products that we don't have at home - Bondic plastic repair and Pattex glues/repairs.  Also, Levi's 505 jeans are $120.

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