Thursday, September 13, 2012


We've all heard about working in the salt mines, but touring a salt mine is a completely different thing.  Today we took a bus to a town near Krakow where the Wieliczka Salt Mine      is open for tours.  Legend has it that salt has been mined there since 1290 when Princess Kinga of Hungary was betrothed to the King of Krakow.  She asked her father for a salt mine as her dowry, but tossed her wedding ring into the ground.  The people dug to find it and did - wrapped around a salt crystal.  The mine was operational until 1996 and is visited by a million people a year.  We didn't take the tablet so have no photos to post but if you search for "Wieliczka salt mine photos" you'll see how marvelous it is.

Al just gets better and better about finding the way on the bus system.  Today we only had to backtrack once.  In the rain.                

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