Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lots of Lookin'

Life has been rather quiet, but there some nifty things happening.

 That Peony and her sisters are putting on their show with more to come.  They are right outside the Patch window so it's hard to concentrate on the sewing machine when they distract me with the glory.

 A petal puddle in downtown Sequim.  Almost as wonderful as when all the 
blooms were clinging tenaciously to the trees.

 A couple months ago Al trimmed the hardy kiwi bush/shrub/vine and I finally wired some of them together for a rustic wreath.  It was a challenge sort of like untangling a snarl of yarn but in the opposite direction.  The plant is now sprouting new leaves and soon will go through the cycle again.  Next year I might just let him burn those darn branches.

 More blooms on Rhodie Island.

Okay, this might be the ultimate example of a Woman With Too Much Time on Her Hands.
  Or maybe it should be Never Throw Anything Away.

This is my favorite picture of Al from many many years ago at my 50th birthday party.  (Let's not say just how many, okay?)  Lo and behold, I came across the very tie he is wearing at the celebration.  Too bad that his napkin bib is covering most of it.  A few hours of swearing creativity and a dollar store frame later and the memory will last forever.  How to take a picture of a picture without glare?  Not something I know how to do, but you get the idea.

 The 25-year old lavender plant is gearing up for productivity.

 And blue star creeper.

 And the new version of the bucket garden.  Maybe Al will 'splain it to you next time.

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