Friday, May 12, 2017

A Bloomin' Post

Remember that peony we've been watching?  They are slow coming, but look like they
will be worth the wait.  This is the very same blossom a few days apart popping out of the confinement.  Doesn't it look like a flamenco dancer eager to twirl her skirts?  

 The Olympic Mountains to the South.

 The Dungeness Spit to the North on a rare calm day.

 If only Lily of the Valley lasted for weeks and weeks.  They are so tiny and special.

 We don't know who left this on the steps of the orphanage but it's the only lonely one on the property, but a little too showy to hide among the peonies

 I'll start churning the butter for all this corn come harvest time. 

Rhode Island will be stunning when more of these open and show off their glory.

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