Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It's May!

Lerner and Lowe wrote an entire song about the joys of May, but even though I know all the words, I won't subject you to my singing.  You'll have to look it up for yourself.  Hint - Camelot.

It was delightful to spend a weekend with Jeane and John.  We dragged them to the local symphony and they were also impressed with all the talent that lives among us.  

 These are pears and apples from the neighbor but he generously shares,
 especially the fruit that hang over our fence.

Mr. Green Jeans has a new system for the bucket garden.  I'll be back with updates as it happens.  Aren't you glad you didn't get recruited to cut all those holes?

 The cherry tree just might produce, in spite of the aggressive pruning last year.

 The apple tree that Al pruned the crap out of also pruned aggressively might survive,
 especially now that it gets more sunshine without those scrawny trees. 

Maybe we'll have a dozen apples.  Maybe not.

 Come back in a few days to see the progress of the peonies.

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