Sunday, October 9, 2016

Thirty, count 'em Thirty


Feast your eyes on this glorious creation -  Al whipped up a bowl of borscht better than any we had in Poland.  Everything is enhanced with an egg or two.

 Helen and Gary came to visit and we took them on their first Walmart visit. 
 Can't get that in San Francisco. 

 The not-so-mighty Dungeness River. 
 I'll show it to you again in the spring when the snow melts in the mountains.  

 Thirty years ago we went to Golden Gate Park, Judge Dossee met us by the windmill, we said some stuff, slid rings on one another, went to lunch, then got on a 747 to Honolulu.  Upstairs in the fancy lounge.  Finally the "marry me, fly free" ploy worked.  Al thought he had done very well until he found out that more often than not we were left wistfully gazing out the window when a full airplane pulled away from the gate without us.  To celebrate we went to the Museum of Flight in Seattle to look at the first 747 to roll off the Boeing assembly line.   But this little airplane flirted with me on the way to the big one.

 You all know that I'm a sucker for a guy in a uniform.  Alas, this one has little interior substance.

 Go, Rosie, go!

I hope that she can always get him in First Class.

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