Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Foreign Travel

 Last week we traveled by ferry (after a pick-up at the airport) to Friday Harbor/San Juan Island to discover what we're lookin' at about 20 miles to the North, beyond the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Salish Sea.  There is an alpaca farm there so maybe if I get a much stronger telescope I'll be able to follow their rompings.  Maybe.

 This is looking South from the spot directly North of our house. 
 Maybe the fog gremlin can make it out but I can't.  Call Superman.

 Here comes the foreign part.  We took another ferry to Vancouver Island and visited the stunning Butchart Gardens, where everything is perfectly manicured (maybe not all of the visitors, but the plants are) and gorgeous.  The new goal is to return for Christmas and see how the elves decorate.
 It's good to dust off the passports once in a while.  

 Pat and Rhett are always fun and were our incentive for the journey.  

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  1. Alpaca Farm - a new source for yarn??? Danna