Wednesday, September 7, 2016

See you in September

 Never throw anything away.  This is what the selvedges from the edges of the fabric can become.  Look in the drawer for belt buckles that were leftover from some project years ago and there you have a pillow.  It was such an interesting project to sew all those little strips together and now I'm looking around for other places that just have to have something like it.

 The neighbor girls came over to make tic tac toe rocks. Self-contained it its own canvas bag.
  Clever, right?

 The whole time Al was deadheading his rosebush.

 And did such a good job that he got a piece of chocolate cake.  No, I didn't bake it.
 I would be way too impatient to fill all those layers.

But I did find time to make a pillow from ties that were no longer being used for neck adornment.  This was a wonderful batch from Uncle Robert so I went crazy deciding what went where.  I think it turned okay.  If the bright side gets too dizzying he can turn to the calmer side.  

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  1. How clever you are. Love the TIE pillow. Sorry I didn't save all those ties. Danna