Thursday, April 24, 2014

Snow Bunny

 Easter Sunday was special because Marco came from San Francisco to play with us for the weekend.  We drove the 30 miles up to Hurricane Ridge, where apparently they haven't gotten the word that it's spring.

 I can see our house from here.  
 Really.  That is the Dungeness Spit and we are just 1/3 mile inland from there.  
Looks like those dust spots have returned on the camera and I'll be sending it back again.  Wah.
 Not good photography, but we stopped at Hama Hama oysters for just a little taste of fresh goodness.
 Creative use of garbage, isn't it?
Al's job is finished with the turf stone on the new patio, but my job is just beginning. 
 Will it ever grow full and pretty?  Stay tuned. 

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