Tuesday, April 8, 2014


It's spring in Sequim!  Well, it's Spring everywhere, just not exhibited in the same way in all parts of the country.  If you haven't put your snow shovel away yet, I'm very sorry.  It appears that they have changed drastically since I was living in winter country (1974, Chicago) but I'm not quite inspired enough to return.  Just keep sending me pictures of the pretty days.  No slush, please.    

We've had a pleasant but relatively quiet week.  Just normal life.  Sorry there isn't anything exciting to report.  Al has been working on his garden project and the little fellas germinating in the greenhouse are adorable.  I'll like them even better when they produce tomatoes that taste like tomatoes.  Imagine!

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  1. Your killing me with the garden stuff! Stop it already. Although I did offically end winter today here. I put the snowblower away. It's the longest its run all winter!