Friday, May 10, 2013


Last night the flusher thing on the toilet broke right off, this morning the propane water heater went on the blink, and the gas/CO2 alarm started beeping.  Welcome to RV life.  So Al unloaded all the stuff from the "garage" and opened the wall, trying to find the problem.

What it looks like behind that wall.  He managed to fix the screaming alarm, but we'll have to wait until Monday morning for the repair guy to come fix the other stuff.  Luckily there is a manual flush doo-hicky so we won't have to use the bushes all weekend.  We're hoping the electric water portion of the system will be enough for showers, otherwise we'll be taking advantage of the park showers.
You thought it was all just fun and relaxation, didn't you?  Hmm.
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