Sunday, May 26, 2013

Not Much

The lilacs around here were stunning for a couple of weeks but have already begun to fade.

Remember the gorgeous cherry trees in blossom?

After a rain and wind storm.

Just ordinary life around here with very little to report.
  It was a super Saturday night with the Olympic Express Big Band at a local bar.  Amazing how only fifteen people can make such good music - but things happen early here.  They played from 5:30 until 8:30.  Really.  At 6:00 the place was packed but by 8:00 nearly everyone was gone.  A couple of new restaurants are staying open past 9:00, looking for late action, but this is a town that retires before summer sunset.
 It's a drastic change from the old days when Al would pick me up from work at 10 and we'd go for dinner.
 Now it's strangely comforting to be old fogies and in our jammies before 9.  Is that bad?
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