Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Port Townsend

The day began with all the hooking-up involved to get on the road but we only journeyed a few miles to the RV shop so Homer could get the regular physical.  He found a cousin there, which was fun because we don't see many other Cameos.  (Did you know that they went out of business not long after we bought ours?  Hmmm.)

First stop was the Sequim library where Al has a temporary card.

We couldn't go home (home was in the shop - how many people can say that?) so went to Port Townsend, which is a charming little town to the East of Sequim.  It has a classic main street with old buildings;  (why is the yarn shop in the forefront of this shot?)   

beautiful old houses;

traditional old churches;

Hog wings at the Public House;

fish and chips;

thousands of trees.  Thousands.

  Homer got a clean bill of health, a couple of tiny problems were fixed and now we're back in the RV park, resettled and snug.  Neither of us have any right to be hungry, but it's time for dinner.  That dinner right next door is a place we haven't tried yet . . . . .
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