Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rice is nice

Yesterday we went to a super burger place where I had a beer-batter deep-fried burger.  The sound of my arteries clogging nearly brought the paramedics.  Even I could only eat half of it, but what a concept.  The South is big on deer-fried pickles, too.

Robert's friend took us on a tour of the local rice mill, where we learned how it gets from the field to the market.  Machinery is miraculous, but there are still many jobs that require the 100 employees.

A guy loads the bag into the hopper thing, where it is filled and this machine sews it closed so it can be loaded on the trucks.   No need to fear if you're driving down the road next to a full load, because they first spray the bag with a little bit of clue so they stick together during transport.

Yes, a person laboriously picks out the good grains from the not-so-good grains.
  Just a representative sample from each load, then machines do the big job with teeny
bursts of air and lots of separating screens.

There's a whole lot of shakin' going' on.

See how it gets whiter with each pass through the machinery?

Robbie 'splained it to us very enthusiastically.  We're all so much smarter now.
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