Thursday, June 28, 2012


We arrived in Milwaukee yesterday afternoon and went to explore downtown, but got caught in Summerfest, the annual 11-day music party, with over 700 bands, most of them names I've never even heard of.  It was started by Mayor Henry Maier, to revitalize the downtown neighborhood.  Mayor Maier (isn't that fun) is gone, but the party continues.

Today we drove to Racine with the intention to tour the S C Johnson company, which is a Frank Lloyd Wright building.  Nope.  Sorry.  "The tours are only on Friday and you can't go past the red gates but you're welcome to take pictures from behind the fence."  Hmm.  So we turned tail and went to Wingspread, another Wright-designed building, which was the home of H F Johnson Jr.  Nope.  Sorry. "This is private property, now operated as a conference facility and tours are by appointment only."  Then we tried to find a cute little cafe along Lake Michigan.  You can guess the answer.  Maybe there are several but we weren't in the right place.  It was a disappointing trip, and the Kringle Capital didn't impress either of us.  We did find Bendtsen's Bakery, which claims to make the #1 Kringle, which is just a very skinny croissant filled with jam and cream cheese and formed into a big circle.  Maybe I'm just in a very bad mood because of all the bumpy roads (lots of construction everywhere, but very few good roads so far) and the heat (96) but it didn't impress me.  They didn't even have a chocolate variety!  Then Al got cranky because we couldn't find a Walmart -  his favorite place of all - close to the RV Park (which just happens to be the Wisconsin Fairgrounds).  So now it's time for cocktails and Homer's effective air-conditioning and maybe we'll be ready to enjoy Milwaukee tomorrow. 

Oh, wait.  There was something fun.  We went to an RV supply store to get a cover for the ceiling fan (so we can still have it running when it rains) and the guy told us that they do repair work on the Weinermobile.  How many people can say that? 

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