Friday, March 2, 2012


Did you think we'd fallen off the face of the Earth?  No, just spent a year in San Francisco, helping Marco learn more about the restaurant business and Giano healing.  He's doing amazingly well - no more walker or cane!  His brain is recovering nicely and we hope that before long he'll be back to 100%.

We didn't get very far on the 10/10/10 plan so started again on 11/11/11, (Herman Cain has dibs on 9/9/9) with the first stop in Escondido to see Jackie and Rob.  On through Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas to Lake Charles, LA, where we picked up Homer the RV from storage and spent time with Julie and Robert.  Chrissy, Nicholas and Matthew had the pleasure of our company in Atlanta for a few weeks, then Christmas in Savannah with Pat and Rhett Hart, and New Year's in Charleston with Sandy Johnson.  Now we're in Fort Lauderdale with a few million other Old Farts.  It's not my favorite spot - too hot and humid for my taste, but maybe I'll lose a pound or two.  Maybe not.

ps   Escrow closed on the SF condo on Feb 29, so there is no going back. Did you know that Leap Year can also be referred to as a bisextile year or an intercalary year?  Neither did I.

pps   Happy Birthday, Cousin Linda

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