Monday, May 18, 2020

Long overdue.

Looks like there is a lot to report, but after all this time, it sort of old news. 

 In October we went to New York and visited the Guggenheim. 
 Oh, Mandy, the building is marvelous.  But lunch with you and Andy was certainly the highlight.

Then sailed away with Don, Donna and Karl - 
To Boston and autumn in New England. 

Let's go way back in time to reminisce about the good old days of airline travel and TWA.  When men wore spiffy suits and women wore gloves, maybe even perky hats to match the Doris Day dresses.  That amazing terminal is now a hotel and you can have cocktails in Connie.  Many of us have spent a night at JFK, but it's much nicer in a big bed than it is doing contortions across two or three uncomfortable chairs, waiting for an empty seat to get started on an adventure.

Autumn in Sequim is pretty good, too.


The Alf was resurrected for one evening of  holiday festivities.  It was serendipity that last year I squealed with delight when I found the the suit jammed in a wine crate in a corner of the dungeon at Alfred's and was revivable.  He's still Aldorable, isn't he?

The annual grandson ornaments.  


We got on the ferry in the dark of the night, well the dark of the early morning, for Christmas Eve in Victoria at Butchart Gardens with Chrissy, Bill and Laura.

This is either very interesting photography or the cataract version.

That's enough for now.  I don't want to exhaust your peepers but promise to come back in a few days for more.  Really.  I promise.  Mike, please remind me if I forget.

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