Sunday, July 20, 2014

Can you smell the lavender from there?

 Al has been working on his project to straighten the driveway for days, maybe weeks.  But see how nice it will be for him to appreciate in his old age?  Notice that those blue sweats just won't die.
 Hurricane Ridge with Matthew, Chrissy and Nicholas.
 It looks like the need to read all about it has been passed on.
 Nick says it's the best burger he's ever eaten.  And eat it he did.  Every crumb. 
 Sorry, Matthew, the picture of you is very blurry and I didn't even have wine. 
 It's Lavender Festival Weekend in Sequim, the lavender capital of North America, so everything every where is, you guessed it, lavender.  Three days of street fairs, music, food, activities, and farm tours.  Some reports say that an expected 30,000 people would visit but one report suggested 50,000!  The population is 6,000, so you figure it out.  

They always have activities to entertain the kids.  

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